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I'm Giuseppe Passino, an Italian currently in the big London for a PhD in Electronic Engineering at Queen Mary, University of London. Before coming here, I've always been in Cagliari, Sardinia (a lovely island in the Mediterranean sea). I studied Electronic Engineering there, and then, after a short collaboration with the university, I started working as a software engineer. Way too soon to start a definite career, I follwed my interest for the study and a started a PhD in computer vision. That is revealing to be a really interesting experience - it is the first time I live on my own, as well.

This webpage would be a (maybe somewhat messy) collection of information about myself, my research, some software in the future, and a point of contact with me. As now, the website is in a sort of embryonic stages - as soon as I will have some interesting content to put on, I will do it. However, there is an abstract on my research in the research section.

In the future I will try to manage to move my space in the University servers, but I don't have direct access to them so at the moment this is the only way I have to publish something.

A small news: I will do some organisation work for the CBMI 2008 workshop, that will be held the next year here at Queen Mary, in London. I already made the website: . Why am I putting it here and now? Simple, I just hope to speed up the google indexing process of the website!

msn: passino [at] hotmail [dot] com
icq: 32-217-531
e-mail: name.surname@dept.address
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